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Years ago a young man told me he was in love with his girlfriend of four years, yet he didn’t want to propose to her. Why?  He felt he couldn’t provide for her and support a family. So he ran!  So many of us are running, not because we don’t want to do what’s right; we run away from challenges and responsibilities because deep down we are scared and lack confidence in our abilities.

As a Pastor I’ve encountered many men and one challenge I’m seeing is that deep inside our bravado and toughness, we’re not confident.  Many of us don’t feel intelligent enough, disciplined enough, or capable enough to lead a family.  Many men were rejected, told they were stupid, and pretty much condemned to a low level of living.

Interestingly there’s an alarming trend of men, particularly black and Latino men, being far outpaced by their female counterparts.  This trend has even gotten the attention of NYC Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, as he personally committed funding to Young Men’s Initiative, a program targeting black and Latino men.  I’m inspired not to tell women to slow down, but to remind men that they too have awesome abilities given to them by God and can do great things.

I didn’t grow up confident. In fact, I grew up with a low self esteem. If I look at my past there are a number of things I can look to that could make me have little confidence.    However, it was not only coming to Christ that did the trick.  It was a focused period of time when I looked at the many things God told me I was.  I began to see that His power and love for me was real and that I no longer had to run from things.

Are you running from things?  What are you afraid of today?  Is it going back to school?  Is it staying committed to the person God brought in your life?  Is it starting that business?   There is no reason to run because you have what it takes to be successful. God made you with awesome abilities.  According to Psalms 139:14 He has made you wonderful!  That means He put things in you that will put people in wonderment.

If you want to build confidence and be the confident man God created you to be, take 5 minutes a day to quote verses in the Bible that speak of what God has made you.  It will give you a new picture of yourself and will cause you to walk with a new level of confidence.   After you quote these verses, write down the things you are afraid of doing.  Next to each item put a date and time that you’ll work on it. Check them off as you complete it and celebrate each accomplishment!

Here are 4 verses to start you off:

‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Philippians 4:13

‘I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.’ Psalm 139:14

‘Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we [I] ask or think, according to the power that works in us [Me]’ Ephesians 3:20

‘So we [I] may boldly say: “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”’ Hebrews 13:6

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