How Big Is Your Ask?

Two things happened to me within the last couple of days that inspired this blog. First, I’ve been having some issues with my cell phone carrier and to make a long story short I needed a new phone.  After talking to a couple of reps who essentially told me I couldn’t upgrade my phone, alas a breakthrough came.  I told the rep, ‘Look, I’ve been a faithful customer for years, always paying on time.  Isn’t there something you can do for me?”  She punched in a few things on her system, came back on the line and told me she had some good news for me.  Not only were they going to send me a new Smartphone, but they also agreed to credit my account for the current balance ($154), ‘just for being awesome’.  Those were her exact words!  Wow!!!  All I was looking for was a new phone.

Flash-forward to today.  I took a young man shopping for his birthday.  We ended up going to Macy’s and there he picked out a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans.  As we get to the register I start small talk with the cashier and mention to her that it’s his birthday.  I then ask, “Isn’t there a birthday discount of some sort?” Now, I was only joking when I said this, just throwing a bit of humor in the conversation.  But to my surprise she said that she would give us an additional 20% discount on the purchase.  She did a little maneuvering in her system and made it happen!  Amazing!  Was this 20% discount something standard that they are authorized to offer?  I’m sure of it.  However, the point is we wouldn’t have benefited from it unless we asked.This kind of stuff happens all the time; for little things and for big things.  But it usually happens for those who ask.  It reminds me of something Jesus said in Matt 7:8 where it states, “For everyone who asks receives…”  Everyone!  That’s a spiritual law.  If you are an asker, you will be a receiver.

What is it that you don’t have but would like to have?   Ask!  Sometimes we struggle needlessly because we are not in the habit of asking.  From a new cell phone, a discount on some clothes, to some help with some chores or errands; it often starts with a request.

Please share any stories with me of how you were pleasantly surprised after asking for something.  I love hearing these kinds of stories as it inspires me and others to be bold!


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