Living Worry Free

Are you worried about anything right now?  Anything you’re anticipating not going well for you?  If you are I have good news to share with you.  You can really live worry free.  Before I share how, first think about the dangers of worrying.  WebMD released an article on the physical effects of worrying.  I was surprised to learn of how many negative reactions your body goes through due to constant worry.  Some of the effects are headaches, irritability, nausea, fatigue, depression, and many others.

So, here’s the question. Is it possible to live worry free?  Are there some things you should worry about?  Does the bible address this topic at all?  I would say Yes, no, and then yes, respectively.  Anxiety, fear, and worry are born out of an expectation of an imminent danger.  When you worry you are constantly telling yourself that something will not go right.  Throughout scripture God gives one constant reason why you shouldn’t worry and that is because He is with you!

Understanding that the Lord is with you and also understanding that He loves you is the number 1 way to deal with anxiety.  You can certainly be free from worry but you have to remind yourself that you are not alone! He is with you AND He loves you!

Secondly, and probably the most important, is actually releasing the concerns you have to God.  Many people are in the habit of thinking about problems, praying about problems, but never actually releasing the problems in prayer.  Releasing your concerns to God is easy!  It can be broken up into these simple 5 steps:

1)      Worship God according to His infinite power and might

2)      State to the Lord what your concern is; what are you worried about

3)      Request that He would work the situation out on your behalf and give you wisdom for any part you may have to play

4)      Make a decision to officially release the concern to Him; make a decision to no longer worry about it

5)      Thank Him for answering your prayers

This is based on Philippians 4:6-7.  In this passage it reminds us that instead of worrying we can release our requests to God.  Upon doing this His peace will guard our hearts and minds.  In other words there will be a force over your mind and heart keeping you in peace, totally free of worry.

If you’ve released a concern to God please share it with me.  I’d love to hear how God worked it out on your behalf!  Until next time, live worry-free!

Ernst Cochy

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  1. I have released a concern to God that I won’t loose my apt.. and I won’t die from anxiety. I woke up this morning with a joy in my heart and I am anxious for nothing because I am casting all my cares upon him.

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