He Won’t Hold Your Future Against You

If you’ve been in the faith for some time you probably heard that God won’t hold your past against you.  However, have you ever considered that He won’t hold your future against you either?  Think about these 3 questions:

1)     Before God gave Solomon riches and wisdom, did God know Solomon would one day give his heart to idols?

2)     Before Judas betrayed Jesus did Jesus know it?

3)     Before Peter denied Christ three times, was Jesus aware of it?

The answer to all of these questions is yes!  God knew the future in each of these cases but still decided to bless Solomon, entrust Judas with the finances of Jesus’ ministry, and call Peter to be one of His closest disciples.

What’s the point?  God isn’t withholding anything from you in consideration of how you might make a mistake in the future.  God responds to you today based on your faith and pure desire for Him.  Even though He knows you might make a mistake in the future, He is not holding your future against you.

Since God isn’t holding your future against you, make sure you don’t hold your future against you too. Don’t make the mistake of refusing to accept good opportunities out of fear of not being able to handle it.  Don’t run away from responsibilities because you think you’ll make a mistake in the future.  When you sense God wants to bless you with something great, accept it!  You can handle it!  He believes in you and His grace is sufficient to cover your mistakes.

Believing in you,

Ernst Cochy

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