Are You Frustrated?

This past week at Life Church I had a great time talking about the various emotions we feel and the root of these emotions.  It was great, if I may say so myself (patting myself on the back). But one emotion I didn’t focus on was frustration! Are you frustrated about anything?  Wish things were different in some regard? Let me share two things about frustration that will help you.

First, frustration is a good thing.  Frustration is what I call a “Warning Signal Emotion”.  It signals that something is out of whack and needs adjustment.  Imagine what life would be like if God created you not to ever feel frustrated, even when something is wrong. It would be disastrous!  You’d never make any necessary changes, and because of that your life would fall apart piece by piece.

So if you’re frustrated about something, see it as an opportunity to make a change.  It could require a change in direction, perspective, or attitude.  You may experience frustration from time to time, but if you are constantly living with it, it means you haven’t made necessary changes.

Secondly, frustration reminds you that you care. That’s a good thing!  So many people have given up on life and don’t care anymore.  They’ve given up on relationships, dreams they once had, or ministries they’ve been called to.   They’ve come to a point where nothing seems to bother them, and it’s not because they’ve released the concern to God.  It’s because they have given up hope.  They’ve stopped living with expectation.  Or they simply just could care less about any and everything.  No bueno!

When you are frustrated it means you are alive!  It means life matters to you.  Something is ticking inside you reminding you that you are greater than your present circumstances.  Something is brewing inside of you letting you know that there is more!  God likes that!  He can use someone like that.  Frustration will drive you to find answers; it will drive you to pray and seek God.  Frustration will put you on a quest to learn more about God’s perfect will for your life.

My prayer for you is that frustrations you encounter will cease as you learn to tap into the grace of change!  We are living in “Time”, not eternity.  That means you have time to change!  That’s an awesome gift.  God has all the wisdom and grace for every circumstance you could ever find yourself in.  Don’t live with frustration.  Use it as a catalyst for something greater!

Yours truly,

Ernst Cochy

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