Enjoying God, Again

I’m enjoying a series that I haven’t even preached yet! It’s called Enjoying God, Again! You see I was all ready to start the series with Life Church this past Sunday but then something happened during the service. We were winding down our worship and it seemed like we were just going to move along in the service. But then Celeste Charles, who is our Worship Team Leader, got up and gave a simple exhortation, and then it happened! Something that only happened once in my life; I felt the physical presence of God so strong that it pulled me down to the floor.

If you know me you know that I love to worship but I’m usually cool about it. I’m not so much of a crier; I’m not too loud, not too much of anything. But I’m definitely into worshipping God. So for this to happen it was all God and it was all good! While I’m on the floor it’s like I can only feel a heavy weight on me.  And then I remembered that what I was experiencing was something I had a dream about a few weeks ago.

I dreamt that there would be awesome moves of God in our congregation and that it would be a blessing but in the midst there will be some error.  In the dream the Lord showed me a series of things to illustrate this but then said that His grace would cover the errors.

So I finally get off of the floor and the whole place is going in. I mean people were on the floor, some were being ministered to in the isles by others, there were tongues and interpretations, people were being filled with the Holy Spirit. It was awesome!

This went on for some time and it was clear to me that God wanted to start the series off with a demonstration of His Spirit. This in fact was a way of Enjoying God, Again. Throwing out the “playbook” and being free in His presence. We endeavor to always be free but this was more than usual and many people were blessed because of it!

So, part 2 of Enjoying God, Again is this Sunday! Come Join the party!

Ernst Cochy


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  1. my only thought is I wish I was there.cause those kind of outflow of God’s annointing don’t happen every where and they are so refreshing

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