Procrastination: Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Made

Great news! In a little over a month (end of February) I’ll be having a book release party for my latest title, “From Likable to Lovable, your path to finding true love”. After reading it you are going to feel confident about who you are and will be prepared to enjoy a fulfilling relationship. Stay tuned for details on the party.

But let me say this; completing this book was difficult! A lot of rewrites, wanting everything to be “perfect”, complications beyond my control, and so much more. But the biggest challenge was procrastination.

One day the Lord dealt with me about my procrastination. He impressed upon my heart that He wasn’t pleased with how I was delaying the completion of the book. I knew from there that I had to release it and release it right away!

I shared that testimony with my church last Sunday and as I was speaking, these words came out of my mouth: “ Release it and God will increase it”. I got so excited because I knew those words weren’t only meant for me but also for you. Everything God put in you to release He is committed to increasing it. Don’t make the same mistake I made in delaying, procrastinating, and wanting everything to be just perfect. Don’t look at the difficulties, what you don’t know, and what you don’t have. Leave the results up to the Lord. Just be faithful to release what He has given you.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the book release party which will be at the end of February 2014. I’ll be sharing the specific date soon. In the meantime feel free to pre-order your copy today!



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