Does God speak through prophecy?

prophecyThis week has been awesome sharing on how to hear from God. I feel it would be good to cap off these blogs by sharing on how God uses people to speak to you. When God inspires someone to deliver a message to you this is what is known as prophecy.  Believe it or not, God is into prophecy. He wants to use you to prophesy to people and He wants to use people to prophesy to you.

According to 1 Corinthians 14:3 there are 3 main results of prophecy; they are edification, exhortation, and comfort.  Whenever God is speaking to you through prophecy you will either be edified, exhorted (encouraged), and comforted. Prophecy shouldn’t make you feel down, worried, or depressed. Prophecy shouldn’t make you feel low of yourself. On the contrary it will make you feel strong, edified, and encouraged.

Most prophecies that are from the Lord will immediately bear witness with your spirit. It may be a word the Lord has already spoken to you that He is choosing to remind you of through someone else. Or it may be an impression you had in your heart that He is confirming through prophecy. You should be open to prophecy because it is certainly a New Testament way that the Lord speaks to us. Nevertheless, it is not the primary way. In the Old Testament prophecy was the primary way that God spoke to His people. He relied heavily on prophets to reveal the will of God. But in the New Testament, because we now have the spirit of God dwelling in us, the primary way the Lord will speak to us is through our spirits. He will use a still small voice or an impression in our heart.

When Prophecy Isn’t From God

Many years ago a young black woman, approximately 22 years old, walked into a ‘revival service’ happening in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. She was nearly 8 months pregnant but looked like she may have been 10 months.  The preacher called her up and began to prophesy to her. He said a lot of things but one thing stood out. He began to prophesy that God would heal her heart from the broken relationship and that one day she would be married. The only problem with that was she was already happily married. She smiled politely and then took her seat. Maybe her ringless finger signaled to him that she was single. She didn’t have her ring on that day because her fingers were so swollen from the pregnancy. But the preacher probably assumed some things about her. Maybe he saw her as a young black woman who has been wronged by a man. But in actuality she was married to the only man she ever knew intimately, and still is. This is a true story of someone I know personally.

I share it to highlight something important. Sometimes people will prophecy to you and not be accurate. Here are three things to remember to know if a word is for you:

1)      Does it bear witness with your heart/spirit

2)      Is it consistent with the written word of God

3)      Is it edifying, exhortative, or comforting

If these conditions aren’t met, it’s not from the Lord.

Lastly, if a word is spoken to you that you are not sure of, it’s o.k to tell the person that you will pray about it. Or if you know it isn’t from God it’s totally fine to say you don’t sense the Lord saying that to you. But the most important thing to know is that many times the Lord will use people and we should certainly welcome those times. He will use people to confirm promises He himself has spoken to us. He will use people to encourage us. He will also use people to bring comfort and exhortation. Let’s not be afraid to receive messages from the Lord through people. If we keep our heart open we will be sensitive to know what God isn’t saying but we will also be blessed by the many things He is saying.

Share with me your experiences of being prophesied to or prophesying.

Wishing you more grace to hear His voice more clearly,


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