Day 1 – 4 things wisdom is doing right now


So today marks our first day on our 31 days of wisdom journey, all from the book of Proverbs. King Solomon wrote most of this book. It starts off with an intimate conversation between a father and son. In verse 8 the father begins to warn his son about receiving evil counsel and shunning certain temptations. What stood out to me was verses 20-21. It says,

“Wisdom calls aloud outside; She raises her voice in the open squares. (21) She cries out in the chief concourses, at the openings of the gates in the city she speaks her words:”

Here again are the words I’d like you to pay close attention to:

1) calls aloud

2) raises her voice

3) cries out

4) speaks

When I think about this imagery it immediately dispels the thinking that the wisdom of God is hidden in some deep hieroglyphic code wherein only the sagacious of them all can decipher. No! Wisdom is everywhere! She calls aloud, she raises her voice, she’s crying out, and she speaks words. These are the 4 things wisdom is doing right now.

When I was starting off in my walk with God I believe God stirred in me a desire to be wise. I believe that was the case because I made a lot of unwise decisions in life. I made a lot of foolish decisions that hurt me. So when I came to the Lord He began to show me that it’s easy to make right decisions. It’s easy to live skillfully. Why? Because wisdom isn’t hidden. It’s loud and it’s everywhere. It’s outside, in the open squares, the chief concourses, and in the open gates.

From that moment on I began to pray that God would open my eyes and ears to see and hear wisdom. He has done that and my life is blessed because of it. I encourage you to do what wisdom is doing. Call aloud for it; raise your voice for it; cry out for it; and speak to God concerning it.The Spirit of the Lord once told me, “If you cry for wisdom you’ll laugh in prosperity.”

What stood out to you in this chapter? As always, share your thoughts with me. I love to learn from your feedback.



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  1. As I read chapter 1, verse 17 stood out to me because I’ve never explicitly heard anyone refer to birds as a whole being smart creatures and though I’ve read this chapter numerous times, it jumped out at me for the first time today.

    I also love verse 22. Wisdom doesn’t necessarily want to “leave anyone behind”. She want to offer her knowledge to anyone who desires it and who will listen but there are people in the world who insist on being simpleminded.

  2. There was a time years ago when I said to myself and to God that I wanted to do this [I vaguely remember what it was] and whatever the reward or consequence of that decision I would accept with no qualms and would just have to live with it.

    Years later I realized that was one of the most stupidest things I’ve said to God because I wanted what I wanted so bad despite the fact that it wasn’t the best thing for me. I desired that security one gets when God is leading you into your destiny but I never really listened instead I tended to do my own thing; and the opposite of the advice given to me so I wasn’t really secure in living out my decisions.
    And now, though Im not perfect I seek counsel and continue to bend to the will of God and its been good, not easy but better than the settling mentality that I had years ago.

    I think that I had to just learn to trust and obey.

    They ignored my advice and refused to be corrected. They filled their lives with what they wanted. They went their own way, so they will get what they deserve. (Proverbs 1:30, 31 ERV)
    But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, And will be secure, without fear of evil.” (Proverbs 1:33 NKJV)

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