Do you know the difference between knowledge, wisdom, & understanding?

(Day 2 of 31 Days of Wisdom)

“For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding;” Proverbs 2:6

Here we see the Lord is not only the giver of wisdom but also of knowledge and understanding. But what is the difference between wisdom, knowledge, and understanding? Knowledge is facts. Wisdom tells you what you should do with those facts. Understanding tells you why you should do them (allowing you to identify cause and effect). When we have knowledge, wisdom, and understanding flowing together we experience great grace in our lives.

Here’s a common example of how knowledge, wisdom, and understanding work in conjunction:
1)You learn it’s going to rain tomorrow (this is knowledge of the forecast).
2) Leave for work 30 minutes earlier – Wisdom (this is the wise action to take).
3) You realize that bad weather slows people and delays traffic (this understanding is why you should leave earlier).

Even though all three work in-sync, knowledge is the engine that drives wisdom and understanding. Learning the ways of God (acquiring the knowledge, facts, and principles by which God runs the universe) puts you in a position to walk in wisdom. When you know more, God can speak to you about what you know and show you how and why you should apply that knowledge. It all starts with knowledge.

Remember when you first learned your A,B,C’s? You didn’t fully know why. You weren’t completely aware of how it would benefit you. It was just a fun song you learned. It was just knowledge. As you moved onto kindergarten, you started to understand (see the effects) of these letters. It wasn’t just a song anymore. You realized why you needed to know them. You also were able to put these letters together to spell words and eventually communicate  your thoughts and feelings on paper (that was wisdom). Knowledge came alive! The A,B,C’s were no longer just a catchy tune but a tool. And you were excited because you saw how it would affect your life (understanding). Such is the case with the wisdom of God.
My prayer for you is that knowledge would be pleasant to your soul and that your pride and joy would be to know God intimately.

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