Living lavishly

“Luxury is not fitting for a fool, Much less for a servant to rule over princes.” Proverbs 19:10

Are you a fool? If not, I have good news for you: you were made to enjoy luxury! God made this world beautiful. He poured all precious kinds of stones in the earth. He decked out the earth with breath-taking waterfalls, springs, oceans, and lakes. He placed an innumerable amount of stars in the sky. He created all sorts of wonderful plant life, flowers, scents, spices, foods, and all the richness one could ever imagine. Why? Because God has no problem with His children enjoying the richness He put on the earth.

If you ever struggle with the idea that God wants to richly bless, just imagine the vastness of this planet alone. Without even counting the other planets and galaxies, just think of how wondrous this planet is. How awesome are the beaches. How stunning is the sun that shines so bright, even from millions of miles away. How majestic the hills and mountains! Consider the majesty of the volcanoes. The enormity of the oceans and all the sea creatures. God has literally surrounded us with luxury. God is truly amazing!

Luxury is made for you! A fool, the scripture says, can’t handle it. A fool miscalculates its value and origin. A fool looks at all that God created and says this all started by happenstance, some random explosion of particles called the big bang. A fool isn’t equipped to appreciate richness and give God the glory for it. A fool will squander what God gives him. That’s why luxury isn’t fitting for a fool. But you’re no fool! You were made for luxury!



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