No Filter

imageDo you live with a filter? Do you find that you are constantly living behind a veil, not revealing your truest passions, avoiding certain emotions, or beliefs? Many of us do! We do this because we are not fully aware of God’s love and acceptance of us. When we recognize that God’s love is pure, deep, and rich, it frees us to accept who we are.

You may be thinking: “Ernst, there’s some things that I want, feel, and like that I don’t think God is in agreement with.” Perhaps. But perhaps you are identifying with a limited view of what your desires are. Is it possible that you can desire things that you have yet to discover? The reality is that there is more to you than meets the eye. God has made you unique and has placed certain desires in your heart that He wants you to give full expression to.

The negativity in the world has a way of filtering your dreams and desires. Society may tell you “No one wants what you have to offer” or “You can’t be a success as a Christian”. Those are all lies! God loves you and He has committed Himself to put all of heaven’s resources at your disposal to be who He created you to be.

Here’s a prayer that I often pray to help me live free of filters and fears (based on Ephesians 3:18):

“Lord, enable me to be fully aware of your love for me. Open my eyes and understanding to know how much you love me.”

This is a simple prayer that empowers your mind to capture the essence of God’s love for you. Having a rich understanding of God’s love for you will free you to take those steps that you’ve been afraid of taking. It will make you comfortable in your own skin. It will cause you to speak up when you need to. His perfect love will cast out all fear.



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