Decline the invitation

imageI must admit I’ve never been prone to depression. In fact I’ve sort of been baffled by how people get depressed. I never understood what was so hard about shaking off depressed feelings and deciding to just be happy. Well, I kinda get it now.

Earlier this year I was in my living room sitting on the couch, thinking. My thoughts were very random. I was reflecting and evaluating my life; i.e whats going right, whats going wrong, what next, blah blah blah… This is actually quite normal for me. But this night something happened that wasn’t normal. I felt a feeling come upon me. The best way I can describe this feeling is it was like a subtle pull. It wasn’t overwhelming at all. In fact saying that it “came upon me” isn’t totally accurate. It was more like it came to me. A feeling of, “Let yourself go and drown in sad feelings. For once, just feel what it feels like to not care anymore. Don’t fight it. This is a time for you to just let go. LET GO, SEE WHERE IT TAKES YOU”. Again, it wasn’t an overwhelming feeling at all. I was very much aware that this was a crossroad moment. My thoughts were extremely clear; I could either just let myself fall into a long funk or I could go another direction. I wasn’t depressed at all. But I now see how it begins for many people.

So with a clear mind I remember literally jumping up off the couch and releasing a shout to the Lord. I really don’t remember what I said. But it was more about just shaking off that feeling that felt so real, so subtle, but so clear. I’m sharing this not to present every aspect of how to overcome depression. But what I want to point out is that sometimes you may feel a random, unconnected to anything specific, sad feeling coming to you. This is an invitation that you need to decline. That’s right! Decline the invitation of depression. There are different degrees of temptations. Some temptations are overwhelming. Sometimes it may feel like a barrage, coming from every which direction. And yet there are times it just comes as a simple invitation. Not overwhelming, not a barrage, just something that presents itself, standing at the door, asking “Can I come in?”.

If you can relate to that or if you feel that invitation at this moment in your life, decline it! Here’s how:

1) Make yourself unavailable to depression. You make yourself unavailable by removing things before you that make you sad. Sad news, over thinking, over analyzing, negative music, painful memories, etc.

2) Force yourself each day to have several thanksgiving sessions. Morning, noon, and night… take 5 minutes to vocalize thanksgiving to God. And don’t whisper it. Get loud about it!

3) If you sense a feeling of depression coming upon you, open your mouth and decline the invitation. Literally say, “Depression, I’m unavailable to you, I decline your offer to me to become depressed”. Don’t think it, say it!

The Lord is interested in you! Your joy and happiness means a great deal to Him. In fact Jesus promises to fulfill your joy. One thing is critical however. You need to come to Him. He also comes, very often, as subtle as an invitation. A gentle knock, a pulling sensation in your heart. This is one invitation you do not want to decline. If you sense Him pulling on you, let Him in. Just say, “Jesus, come into my heart and be my Lord. I surrender it all to you. I’m available to you.”

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to share them with me. I’d love to hear from you.

Thankful for you,


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