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imageLast Sunday at Life Church I closed out “Eyes for the Disguised” which focused on bringing the hidden things to light. I’d like to leave a final thought with you and that is on the power of making decisions. Making decisions causes you to see the future because every decision you make has an effect that plays out in your future. When we choose not to be gridlocked by indecision we are empowered for what’s to come.

Alternatively, indecision keeps you in a weakened position. It makes you immobile and powerless. And even more interesting is that it keeps you from seeing your future. Today you are free in your heart and free of the fear of making bad decisions!

So are there decisions you’ve been delaying making? Have you been going back and forth in your mind? Applying to school, involving yourself in church, breaking free from that bad relationship?

When making decisions ask yourself these simple questions:

1) Where do I find the most amount of peace?

2) If I did or didn’t (fill in the blank) would I feel the pleasure of The Lord?

3) What do spiritually mature people in my life seem to think?

Answering these questions honestly will point you in the right direction. If you find yourself stuck, pray for clarity, shut your mind down, and listen for the voice of the Spirit. He will impress a sense of what you should do.

In the name of Jesus, may courage flood your heart to make any and every decision you need to make!

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