My Family Issues

imageI’m in the middle of a sermon series called “Family Matters” and I gotta say, it opened my eyes to how disconnected I was to some of my family members. That’s the beauty of just being “the messenger”; sometimes the message is for you too. So let me share something with you about my own family. We got issues! We are not always the closest. We love each other, yes! If there was a critical emergency we’d be there for one another, definitely! But how close are we? How vulnerable are we to one another? Let’s just say there’s work to be done.

That work started this past week for me. While I challenged my church with 12 things they could do to celebrate family, I decided to act on one of them. It was actually number 9 on the list which was to have a phone conversation with a relative that you need to speak to more. At first it started general, small talk, how are things, how’s life, etc. but then the conversation took a turn. It focused on some things I did that hurt them. I had a different take on things and so we went back and forth, back and forth.

After about 3 hours on the phone, I decided to be less defensive and really look into how I could’ve done things wrong. I had to stop trying to prove my point and take the effort to see their point and their pain. It really wasn’t easy because I’m not the type to say “I’m sorry” if I don’t mean it. I think that’s a lie. So after listening some more I began to see how certain of my actions made them feel that I wasn’t as supportive and caring as I should have been.

So I genuinely apologized. I saw their pain, I saw how I could have done some things differently, and came to realize that the right thing to do was to sincerely apologize. It’s amazing what a sincere apology would do! The heaviness of the conversation seem to lift immediately. There seemed to be a breath of fresh air. It felt good. And it was really only then that I realized that the things I was trusting God to do for the family members of my Church I was in need of myself.

So I’m excited for what else is to come! I was also excited to hear of some other great testimonies from others who were inspired by the Family Matters series. If you have a story to share of how your family overcame strained relationships and how God is bringing healing, I’d love to hear it. Whatever the case just know that God loves you, He loves your family, and He is actively involved in bringing out the best in your relationships with each other.



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