Gotta Get It Right!

The Monday morning quarterback. It’s a term football fans use to describe what happens after a weekend football game. It’s when they dissect every mistake in every play, everything that went wrong and what needs to improve. It’s literally just a self-critiquing day! They replay everything in their mind, every missed tackle or under thrown ball, frustrated by what didn’t happen. They tend to focus on the negative. You know who does this too? People in ministry, particularly in church settings. I’m talking about Pastors, worship teams, children’s ministry people, ushers, and all the way to the parking attendants. So if you are one of those people, let me share a few thoughts with you.

1, The Lord is proud of you! You stepped up, put your best foot forward, decided that you would be brave and minister to someone else. You did this in spite of personal issues you have going on in your life. In spite of feeling tired, underappreciated, uncertain of your impact. Whatever your challenge was for the day, you did it anyway! (hmm..maybe my next sermon series )

2,You are having an impact and a MAJOR one at that! I’ve learned something about people. They’re not always going to tell you their feelings but many times they feel encouraged by your smile, strengthened by your prayers, and rejuvenated by your words. You matter! What you do matters (even if it may seem like a small gesture). And not only is the Lord proud of you, people are being blessed by you!

3, You can get better! You want to see even greater impact? That’s possible! You want to be a blessing to more people? God’s down with that too. You haven’t hit your ceiling. You can be even more effective at teaching that Sunday school lesson. You can have more fruit to show in your small group. You can preach more powerfully and reach more people. Yes, you can! And knowing that will help you avoid discouragement. Knowing that will encourage you to move forward and discover new ways to tap into the graces that are available to you.

I wrote this because I know the thoughts that often run through people who tirelessly serve. Satan also tries to jump in and tell you that your efforts are in vain. Thoughts and feelings can try and make you want to give up. You review in your mind what more can be done, how can you improve, what you’re doing wrong. Often, the truth is that you just simply need to relax and bless God for what HE is doing! Focus on Him, not on your works. As you focus on Him, you will be in position for Him to shape your works and make you more effective.

Before you were an usher, a church van driver, a musician, or a pastor, you were first loved by God. He cares more about you than what you can “do” for Him. And if you relax and allow Him to be the focus, everything you do will have much more meaning and impact.

So no more Monday morning quarterbacking, or pastoring, or singing, or teaching. You’re fine! You’re getting better! And Jesus is proud.






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