Winning Every Day!

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” The first time I heard that I believe I was in 3rd grade. A kid in my class was teased horribly and I remember him saying that to the point of him shouting in tears, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!” The words obviously did hurt. His name was Nathan and the kids (o.k, me too) would say, “Nathan David, Nathan David..” as at that time there was a running commercial on t.v that would repeat those words.

As adults we all know that words can hurt. But just as words hurt can they also heal? Can they bring wholeness where there is brokenness? Can they bring clarity to a confusing situation? Yes, they absolutely can!

Lately I’ve been going back to my roots. My roots take me back to one of the first things I learned to do as a young Christian. What I learned was the importance of using my mouth, intentionally, to speak life, grace, and fulfilled purpose. Words are powerful. They can hurt but they can heal. They curse and they can bless. As such, let’s be intentional about blessing our life with the words of our mouths.

Think about this: Jesus said that we will have to give an account for every idle word we ever spoke (Matthew 12:36). Some translations use the word “empty”. So if our empty words, words that have no truth or eternal value, have power enough for us to be held accountable for, that tells me our words are very important. Also, words that aren’t empty or idle but instead have value and truth have tremendous power.

So here are 30 powerful declarations I shared with my church the other week. These are all rooted in the Word.  If you speak them each day you will live a winning life, every day! Here goes:

1) I am God’s friend.
2) I have the Holy Spirit in me and He teaches me what I need to know.
3) I know what to do.
4) I am forgiven and clean by the blood of Jesus.
4) I’m winning all the time!
5) I’m a money magnet!
6) Goodness and Mercy are chasing me down!
7) God is pleased to see me prosper!
8) Heaven knows my name; it’s written in the book of life.
9) I’m planted in the house of God therefore I’m fresh and flourishing.
10) The Kingdom of God is in me!
11) Righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit is my inheritance.
12) Weapons that form against me fail in their assignment!
13) I’m enjoying the multiplying force of grace.
14) Things will get easier.
15) My social life is healthy and God-glorifying.
16) My investments are going way up!
17) I’m not moved by challenges.
18) My faith will not fail!
19) I’m the head and not the tail; I’m above only and not beneath.
20) I don’t wallow when knocked down. I get back up.
21) The spirit of a champion is in me.
22) My life makes people curious about the goodness of God.
23) I’m faithful to my church.
24) I love people the way Jesus loves.
25) I forgive those who have wronged me.
26) I’m happy!
27) I am settled in God’s perfect will for my life.
28) God has my back; I’m moving forward!
29) I’m assured and secured.
30) Jesus is my first love.

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