5 Tips To Overcome Distraction

Distraction is the biggest problem you face. Yes, I’ve thought about this long and hard and I can’t think of a bigger problem in the world! Bigger than poverty and bigger than injustice. Imagine if everyone focused on what they were created to do. There would be no fear or jealousy, no hatred or greed, and frankly, no sin! You see distraction is simply a force that pulls you away from everything that is rightly yours. Everything good and everything helpful that God designed for you is always threatened by distraction. Even when it comes to sin…when you think about it sin is nothing but one big distraction!

But can YOU live life free of distraction? You can! Below is a list of 5 ways we can all be free from distraction. In my next few posts I’ll expound on each one. So here goes:

  • Know your purpose. You’re probably bored of hearing this by now. In the past decade books like, “Purpose Driven Life” and “Live the Life You Were Created to Live” have caused many to wonder about why on earth are they here for. With all the talk about purpose and living out our life’s passion the question still remains, “What is yours?” Can you share a statement of what your life’s purpose is? Without having to think too deep about it? If it takes you some time to get the words out perhaps you should give this more thought. Knowing your purpose is the first and foremost way to avoid living a distracted life. If you need help figuring out your purpose subscribe to my wife’s blog to get her God inspired purpose planner.
  • Who, What, Why, When, Where? Remember learning to look for these 5 key questions in the opening of a news article? I remember my 5th grade teacher stressing this. The key questions, once you were able to find them in the opening paragraphs, made understanding the rest of the article that much easier. I think this still applies. There are certain important questions you should ask yourself that will make living life easy to understand and easy to stay on track. Questions like who are you? What should you be doing and why? Who should be in your life? Where should you live, work, raise a family? When? These questions stem from knowing your purpose but have a more strategic element to it.
  • Be creative, on purpose. I used to think creativity was some external wave pattern that came upon you. You either were a creative person or you weren’t. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Creativity is something God instilled in all of us. Creativity was the first characteristic God revealed about Himself. Soon after that He made it a point to reveal that He made us in His likeness and image. That means you have a creative nature. Not only do you have it but if you don’t use it you will find yourself getting bored with life. Boredom always precedes distraction. For some people creativity seems to flow more naturally. If you’re not one that oozes with creative juices it might just mean that you have to develop some habits that force creativity out of you. And you certainly can! You can be creative on purpose!
  • Expect distractions to come. Understand what they look like, feel like, sound like; and then, have a plan to overcome it. We are often distracted because we don’t prepare for distractions. The “sudden emergency”, the call to “hang out and chill”, the spiritual attack you come across. We know they’re coming but we often fail to plan for them. They usually come up around the same time, around the same circumstances, yet we seem surprised by them. What would you say is likely to be your next distraction? Got a mental image of it? Good! Now how can you prepare to handle that situation?
  • Simplify your life! I don’t think I have to even say more than that.


I’ll expound more on each point in my next couple of posts. What would you add to this list? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with me.


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