Living Free From Distraction

I confess, many times I find myself battling distraction. I, like you, have so many things coming my way. Learning what I should give my attention to isn’t always easy. I’ve gotten a lot better at it.  I’ve learned how to say, “No”, how to say “Yes”, and how to say nothing at all. Knowing how to use your no’s, yes’s, and silence is really the key. Who better to learn from than the Master Himself, Jesus!

Jesus was often presented with opportunities. Sometimes He declined, sometimes he accepted, and there were other times He said nothing. He said “No” to the man who wanted Him to intervene with a dispute he was having with his brother (Luke 12:13-14). He said yes to Jairus who asked if He would come to his house to minister to his sick daughter (Mark 5:21-24). He said nothing to Pilate when being pressed to answer against the false accusations that were being hurled at Him (Mark 15:4).

Say Yes

King David slept with another man’s wife (Bathsheba) only because He wasn’t doing what He should have been doing at the time. He should have been on the battlefield. He should have been working. Instead he was idle and then became distracted by Bathsheba’s beauty. Distraction often presents itself not just when you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Sometimes it presents itself when you are not doing what you should be doing.  Say yes to what you should be doing.

Like Jesus, to walk free from distraction, say yes to everything that falls perfectly in line with the graces and purpose of your life. Simply put, get busy with what you should be doing. Don’t wait for perfect circumstances; just begin today! Don’t wait for motivation. Don’t wait for anything. What is it you know you should be doing, right now? Dive in! Here’s why this is simple but overlooked. Distractions are just activities that take place in lieu of what you should be doing. It is difficult to do both. So if you are busy with what you should be doing it makes it more likely that you won’t be doing what you shouldn’t be doing.

Say No

Saying “No” is usually tough. But on the other side of every no is a yes. When Jesus said, “No, I can’t stay”, He was saying, “Yes, I must go”. This isn’t a psychological trick! It’s really understanding that with everything you reject you are actually embracing something else.

When you say no to porn you are saying yes to true intimacy. When you say no to unhealthy relationships you are saying yes to healthy relationships. Let your motivation be on what you are gaining not what you are sacrificing.

Stay Silent

Silence is golden! How many arguments would not have occurred had someone remained silent? How many bad situations would have not been made worse had someone decided to not give their energy to that negative situation. Sometimes we can fall into distractions because we don’t remain silent when we should. Don’t feel as if you need to respond to every accusation. Don’t feel as if you need to insert yourself into every situation. Some of these things are traps. They’re designed to pull you in and pull you off course. King Solomon says, “The beginning of strife is like releasing water; Therefore stop contention before a quarrel starts.” Proverbs 17:14.  So the next time an invitation presents itself to you that will drain your energy and joy, just walk away. Pay it no mind; it’s just a distraction.

How about you? What are the things you need to say yes to? What are the things you need to say no to? How about the things you need to ignore entirely?

Share a time with me you overcame distraction by any of these ways. I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below.

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