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  1. I have released a concern to God that I won’t loose my apt.. and I won’t die from anxiety. I woke up this morning with a joy in my heart and I am anxious for nothing because I am casting all my cares upon him.

  2. I started to feel overwhelmed as a parent and afraid for a bit, but because i kept my mind on God and prayed it out all day I realized that fear is what was trying to overtake my spirit. I spoke to God so much today and he spoke back… I will not allow fear to take over me, I will trust him today as I always have because I believe in His word and I have faith in his love. In death and in life, I trust my God. Thank you Pastor Ernst this was reassuring.

  3. my only thought is I wish I was there.cause those kind of outflow of God’s annointing don’t happen every where and they are so refreshing

  4. I to struggle with this situation.Sometimes I get so annoyed at the fact that people I know speak of hearing from The Lord and knowing it’s his voice without a doubt.But then I speak and cry out to hear from him and uncertainty floods my thoughts.I know my God is not a God of confusion but I don’t want to say I heard from him and it’s just my own thinking.Sometimes I even think to myself maybe I’m putting to much thought behind it like what I assume he may sound like.So while I’m assuming I’m missing out on the sweet whispers from my Father.

    1. Hey Jeffern, I definitely appreciate you sharing that. Believe me you are not alone! My belief is that you are hearing from The Lord but probably not recognizing His voice. My hope is that the blogs I share for the rest of this week will make things clearer and you’ll be able to know when it is God speaking. Ty for sharing.


  5. So many people tell me the same thing. They want to here from God but they don’t here his voice. I will be read all week what you post. Such a great topic

    1. Yes, Michelle, it’s such an important topic. I’m really excited to share what the Lord has placed in my heart concerning it. Thanks for your feedback!

  6. Thanks Pastor, just this evening as I was walking home, I was thinking that I never hear God’s voice. Like how is it that other’s hear his voice and I don’t? After reading this, I understand that there are other things such as nudges, impressions, and everything else that you have listed that God communicates through. I will pray on this and discernment in his will for me.

    1. Yes Kalif, it’s amazing to learn the different ways He speaks. You will definitely discern His voice more frequently, in Jesus’ name! I’ll be sharing more ways God speaks. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Amazing! I have been struggling with this issue for some time now. This last weekend in frustration I began to feel like I would never hear Gods voice. I am looking forward to reading your entries this week. I want to hear God.

    1. That’s awesome Stacy. I will personally pray for you today that the Lords voice will become more clear to you than ever before. Thanks for sharing and reaching out!

  8. I’ve seen alot of people fall for the trap of trusting Christians or people who say they are Christians. In my church there was this guy who led people to believe something but ive learned to just not trust anyone.

  9. Thanks Pastor Cochy. This confirms what I’ve thought for years. There were many times I followed the voice of God without being 100% sure that it was Him. But the end result would cause me to fully believe that God was present and pleased with my obedience. However, there is one particular situation that I found myself in and I continue to doubt the nudges and feelings uneasiness. Years have passed and the uneasiness about remaining in the situation seems to have faded. But when I read the verse Col. 3:15, I was able to finally come to peace with myself and decide with finality whether or not to allow myself to remain in it.

      1. Thats great! yes, Col. 3:15 is one of my favorite verses on being led by the Holy Spirit. I pray you will continually find hearing His voice easy, by His grace! Thank you for writing!

  10. This is so good! It always a good idea to follow the peace. Even if it leads to something less detrimental but moreso annoying, I believe God wants to spare us from that too. Trust me, these words are spoken from RECENT experience lol

    But how do you distinguish a lack of peace from just being led into something new and unfamiliar?

    1. Great question. For me there’s a calming assurance I feel when I’m being led by peace even into something new and unfamiliar. So I just look for that inner assurance that tells me The Lord is with me and that whatever I’m venturing into will work

  11. As I read chapter 1, verse 17 stood out to me because I’ve never explicitly heard anyone refer to birds as a whole being smart creatures and though I’ve read this chapter numerous times, it jumped out at me for the first time today.

    I also love verse 22. Wisdom doesn’t necessarily want to “leave anyone behind”. She want to offer her knowledge to anyone who desires it and who will listen but there are people in the world who insist on being simpleminded.

  12. There was a time years ago when I said to myself and to God that I wanted to do this [I vaguely remember what it was] and whatever the reward or consequence of that decision I would accept with no qualms and would just have to live with it.

    Years later I realized that was one of the most stupidest things I’ve said to God because I wanted what I wanted so bad despite the fact that it wasn’t the best thing for me. I desired that security one gets when God is leading you into your destiny but I never really listened instead I tended to do my own thing; and the opposite of the advice given to me so I wasn’t really secure in living out my decisions.
    And now, though Im not perfect I seek counsel and continue to bend to the will of God and its been good, not easy but better than the settling mentality that I had years ago.

    I think that I had to just learn to trust and obey.

    They ignored my advice and refused to be corrected. They filled their lives with what they wanted. They went their own way, so they will get what they deserve. (Proverbs 1:30, 31 ERV)
    But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, And will be secure, without fear of evil.” (Proverbs 1:33 NKJV)

  13. Thanks Coach! I’ll be sharing this with my 14 year old son, who wouldn’t take this advice from me but will surely appreciate the words from “that really smart man.”
    Hey, whatever works, I’m using it!

  14. Biblically, that bible says what you sow you shall also reap, am I right? Also it said the tongue can speak life or death to any situation, am I right? We can think things base on our human understanding, but in this society we live in, how often has the mindset of this society constantly changing? How often do change what we feel it right or wrong in this society? What I feel mean nothing compare what God thinks and how HE judge us. If what I feel is not inline with God’s Word then it not worth it. In this today society, they feel it not right to bold about your faith in Christ, but any other faith seem to be okay….The Law of the Land determine his fate. Jesus knew how man made their own law, yet when He committed no crime, He still follow the law of the land. Yes it a slippery slope in society, how do you think God would have judge this situation??????

  15. Plus remember, the guys from ESPN said the NBA is not his own business, he part of it but at the same time he can get kicked out of it

  16. Grace & Peace Pastor,

    You know that I have the utmost respect for you as a man of God, husband, father and all else, but I must respectfully disagree with your take on the situation. In answer to the last question of your blog I submit that we have seen what would and does happen. We have seen it over and over again. From the Rodney King verdict, the Abner Louima case, to Trayon Martin. Granted that this situation pales in comparison, but what happens is, the injustices quickly fade into the distant darkness of our collective memories as our day to day lives take the forefront.

    I applaud Commissioner Silver for his swift and heavy handed action. I still realize however, that although he may not share the same opinion as Don Sterling, his response was not motivated by an overwhelming regard for African-Americans or people of color but as the best way to protect the business interests of the people that cuts his check. He did all that was in his power to right a ship that had sprung a leak and had passengers (sponsors) jumping ship at a record pace.

    I think many people believe that the new methodology regarding protest pales in comparison to that of decades past, I however believe that we are evolving. Embracing a methodology presented to us by the world of social media and technology that works quicker and more efficiently than that of the past.

    I understand that we cannot legislate morality, but fair treatment and equal opportunity can be somewhat regulated at the very least. Although made in the privacy of your own home, the mocks such as those expressed by Mr. Sterling once made public, by whatever means, brings into question every hiring decision, promotion decision and overall culture of the entire organization.

    That being said, I believe Commissioner Silver’s decision was timely, just, and completely warranted.

    1. It’s funny that you brought up those cases such as Louima, King, Trayvon and the like. That was the reason for my post. For too long we relied on a “process” or verdict, and then wait with baited breath that it would be ruled in our favor. Sadly, as you mentioned, we usually are left disappointed. I didn’t want to allow the Commissioner to be at the front and center of what happens but instead I felt for once in a long time those who were disparaged were in the driver seat and instead of driving the issue we left it up to someone else. It would have been more valiant if the league was left in a position of having to address this issue, not because of corporate sponsors, but because of the very people that were hurt

  17. I concur and have spent all day explaining these same points to everyone who came to me praising the Commissioner’s decision. He missed the mark. He got it wrong.
    In this land of the free, indeed in most every land on earth, one can freely express their opinion in the privacy of their own home without fear of such severe, or really any repercussions. The players on the other hand were as wrong as the Commissioner. Mr. Sterling’s opinion was hardly a secret. His “employees” were aware of how he felt and still did not seek other employment. They had no problem cashing their paychecks. They should have had no problem putting on their uniforms and getting to work.
    This whole thing is ugly. But it is and should have remained a private affair. Whether we like it or not, the wrong one got sanctioned.

    1. Thanks Dwight for replying. This definitely was a topic of debate for many people. Thanks for weighing in man. Blessings to you.


  18. I have to agree with you. Sterling is a despicable human being, by all accounts, and this may well have been just what he deserves. But Silver’s quick response just showed me that his greatest fear was a player boycott and that LeBron James is running the league. The remaining owners who, with the exception of Mark Cuban, have fallen in lockstep with the commissioner, should consider selling their teams, too. Would you want to own a team for 33 years and then be forced to sell because of statements made in a private conversation in your own home? Slippery slope, indeed.

    1. Hey Gary, true indeed! But I guess at the end of day he was judged for who he is as a person. I just felt it should’ve been done a little differently so as to not set a bad precedent. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.


  19. Its like the harder i try its nothing. sometimes i just think can he even hear me or is he too busy. I’m 13 years old turning 14 on Aug24 i been a believer all my life now that i haver way more understanding now i want to hear him but it feels like he doesn’t hear me sometimes i just get so frustrated i don’t even know what to do anymore. But i always try

  20. I enjoyed reading this blog post. My sentiments exactly. When we complain we are murmuring in our hearts against God. It kept many of the children of Israel from obtaining the promise of God. I rather focus on being thankful and grateful that way I begin to experience more things in my life to be gratefull and thankful for.